A bit more about us...

Benefits of working with Advocate Group

You will receive a percentage of the weekly turnover to pay yourself and your staff - be rewarded as a true reflection of your work ethic. What’s more you will also have a place to call ‘home’ as some of our pubs include private accommodation. You will require a £500 - £1500 bond, to begin your business as a self-employed pub manager.

The percentage of turnover depends on the individual style of business. The majority of our sites have good proven history of takings, but they all have unlimited potential!

Our percentages

  • Wet Led range from 13-20%
  • Food Led 18-23%
  • Hotels and Dining 23-30%

We also consider a support fund and fall-back if a business needs repositioning. Our model gives you competitive unlimited earnings and bonus scheme.

In addition, we have negotiated special arrangements and deals for our franchises such as:

  • Discounted accountants and business advice.
  • Introduction to a pension scheme.
  • Training and support 24/7.
  • Supplier incentives based on up selling products.
  • Operator incentives for reducing costs such as energy bills, etc.
  • Discount card to be used at Advocate sites around the UK.
  • You will also have access to a dedicated Health and Safety/Licensing service to ensure that you are fully compliant.

All we ask in return is your hard work, commitment and drive to be a great mine host.

Our Contract

You can download a sample of our contract agreement below -

Download our sample contract